November 4, 2015

About Us

Anna, Owner/Founder - Olegana Travel Boutique

Anna, Chief Travel Consultant Owner/Founder

We are a boutique travel agency and travel consulting firm located in Bergen County, NJ. Our purpose is to help people have the most amazing time on their vacation with minimal effort planning it. We specialize in honeymoons and family vacations around the world and we are darn good at it!

I am Anna, a travel enthusiast, who has been globetrotting since I was 5 years old. I grew up in a small town in Eastern Europe, studied abroad in Spain and Israel, and lived in New York City for 16 years, before settling down in the suburbs of New Jersey.

The idea of a boutique travel company has been brewing in my head for over 10 years, throughout which I have acted as an unofficial travel advisor for friends and family. Over the years, I often caught myself window-shopping and planning “bucket list” vacations for years ahead. In my professional life, I’ve spent many years project managing, which is just a boring version of vacation planning.

I am often told that my passion for travel is contagious, so my husband and I decided that it is time to share that passion. My role at Olegana Travel Boutique is versatile. I am the Chief Travel Consultant and Agent, Itinerary Imaginator, Best-Deal Hunter and Dream Vacation Realizator.

Oleg is my husband and partner in crime. He has been subjected to the results of my travel planning for many years. We drove, flew, sailed and took trains throughout Western and Southern Europe, road-tripped in California and Canada, sunbathed in the Caribbean and Mexico, hiked through Costa Rica, wined and dined in Croatia, and beached-hopped through Hawaii. He is my inspiration, the guinea pig for testing my ideas, and the backbone of every single endeavor. Oleg’s role at Olegana Travel Boutique is the Chief Technology Geek, Travel Photographer, Engineer, Social Media Guru and my Reality Checker.

Ruben is our baby boy, our world, heart, soul, and life. He is the honorary president of our company, who one day may share our passion for travel.

Veronica, Travel Blogger

Veronica, Travel Blogger

Veronica is one of our bloggers. She is a nomad that has made the world her home and is passionate about travel, cultural exchanges, and outdoor adventures. She is currently based in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, has lived in eight countries, and traveled to 65+ countries. Veronica’s favorite places in the world include the extraordinary Galapagos Islands, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Patagonia, Seychelles, and Easter Island.

To fund her travels, Veronica works in humanitarian aid, a profession which also takes her to interesting places. Besides having a passion for the unknown, she is an amateur photographer and a certified SCUBA diver, always in search of the next exotic travel experience.

Veronica is excited to share her travel experiences and recommendations with you through Olegana Travel Boutique!

Brad is the newest addition to our team. We are so excited to have him on board!

Photo of Brad, blogger

Brad, Travel Blogger

One man, 39 countries, 6 continents… and counting! In many ways, travel has come to define Brad’s life. “#BRADpacking (Personal Anecdotes to Inspire Wanderlust)” -a one-man show written, performed, & experienced first-hand by Brad- chronicles his World travels and debuted at Magnet Theater on May 15, 2016.

Brad is known in other circles as a digital marketing maven, comedy improv actor, social butterfly, formidable cook, avid reader, great hugger, marathoner, and go-to wedding date. An eternal optimist, his boisterous laughs are heard clearly (and often); careful, they’re contagious…

Brad will be sharing his personal experience from travels around the world and useful tips for your next adventure.

Jamie, Guest Travel Blogger

Jamie, Guest Travel Blogger

Jamie is our guest blogger, who will be sharing some of her extraordinary experiences from her travels.

Jamie’s love of travel started when she was 14 and participated in a high school trip to France. Over the last 20 years, she’s traveled extensively throughout Europe. Though Paris is her first love, she also adores Florence, Salzburg, and Prague. Jamie loves experiencing new cultures and ways of life, and particularly enjoys learning about the history of other countries.

Jamie has recently started traveling through Asia, exploring the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya and Angkor. When she’s looking for some downtime, Jamie likes to spend a few days in a luxury, adults-only Caribbean resort.

Jamie lives in New York and works in the Real Estate industry. She is an avid reader, a devoted aunt and wife, and mom to a fur-baby. Jamie is always planning her next trip and is excited to share her experiences with you!

Thank you for taking the time and getting to know us. We are excited to be a part of your trip-planning experience.

Take a vacation from vacation planning! You imagine your perfect vacation and we take you there!

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