June 18, 2017

Panama Vacation: 7 Days Exploring Panama City and Chitre with English Speaking Private Guide


  • Explore the Panama Canal, a magnificent work of engineering, the greatest and most expensive human feat of its time.
  • Visit the Old Quarter of Panama City, the historic center of San Felipe declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, thanks to its eclectic fusion of colonial, neoclassic and French architecture.
  • Take a trip to Emberá Quera, located at Gatún River’s mouth, and meet the Indian Chief of the community who will tell you the history of the Tribe and its cultural wealth and traditions.
  • Enjoy a visit to San Isidro Farm in half a day, where the best rum of Panama is produced, Ron Abuelo, taking a tour of its facilities and production process.
  • Explore Isla Iguana, the natural habitat of a vast colony of man‐of‐war birds, pelicans, woodcocks, very colorful crabs and green iguanas.
  • Explore Isla Cañas, home to thousands of sea turtles.

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