December 8, 2017

The Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Checklist

Are you stressed out about planning a honeymoon?

We can take this item off your long to-do list!

Couples often spend 1-2 years planning their wedding, and there is a myriad of things on their to-do list. Don’t let your honeymoon planning become a dreaded chore – we have some tips to make your honeymoon planning a breeze.

Here’s a quick sample of honeymoon planning tips, month by month!

Honeymoon Planning Timeline:

The Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Checklist

↘️ 12-11 months out:

Narrow down the destination where you want to go and the type of a trip you want to take. Do you want adventure and sightseeing, or do you want to lounge by the pool? Set a budget so you can make smart financial decisions along the way.

↘️  11-10 months out

Research travel agents/travel advisors that match your travel style and personality. Not all agents are created equal and not all agents work the same way. A phone consultation can be a great way to “meet” an agent – just like your other wedding vendors. 

↘️ 10-9 months out:

Check-in with your trip advisor: confirm your budget, destination, and travel dates. Start looking at hotel and activity options – you should have a better idea if your budget is going to work or if you need to spend the remaining months saving for those extra excursions! This is where a budget-conscious travel agent can be very helpful.  

↘️ 9-6 months out:

Book your airfare and get travel insurance – most of the time airfare is not refundable. It’s never a bad idea to protect your investment. Book hotels and activities because some tours and destinations fill-up fast and reservations can be hard to come by.

This is just the first half of the checklist, but what about the rest?!?! I didn’t want to overwhelm you here, but I am happy to send you the rest of the checklist by email.

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