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  • Does travel planning make you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and lost in countless choices? We can help!

  • We build incredible, unique and authentic luxury experiences around the world for couples and families. Through our high-touch, one-on-one personal trip planning process you will feel at ease that every detail has been thought out and taken care of exclusively for you.

  • We promise you a stress-free travel planning experience with an easy to follow itinerary that will save you a lot of time so you can relax and escape to your own paradise!

  • Take a vacation from vacation planning with Olegana Travel Boutique!


Strengthen your bond by experiencing the world together, just the two of you. Planning a honeymoon? Get our Guide To Planning Stress-Free Honeymoon in 10 Simple Steps. Just click on the image and we’ll take you there!

Family Vacations

Nothing strengthens your family bond like a vacation. Take your family on relaxing and adventurous trips. Get our Guide to Multi-Bedroom Accommodations that will help you vacation in style and comfort no matter the destination. Just click on the image and we’ll take you there!


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