By Anna Fishman

Jamaica is known worldwide for its vibrant culture, all-inclusive resorts, and spicy food. The country welcomed over 2 million visitors in 2016 and is on course to top that for 2017. Most of these visitors stay in one of the many all-inclusive resorts on the Island. But do you want to come to Jamaica and only remain in an all-inclusive resort? Or do you want to have a truly Jamaican experience? If your answer to the latter question is yes, we will explore five uniquely Jamaica experiences that you should not miss on your next trip.

Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour

The Blue Mountain is a picturesque mountain range and is home to the world-renowned Blue Mountain Jamaica Coffee. The Bicycle Tour is an exhilarating downhill bicycle ride through the mountainside and rolling hills giving you the opportunity to see the beautiful island of Jamaica from one of its highest points. This tour is ideal for everyone – whether you take the entire family along or you just do it by yourself, you will experience the world-famous Blue Mountain and tranquil, lush countryside in Jamaica. You should try this on your next trip to Jamaica. The tour is in Portland Jamaica, approximately one and a half hours east of Ocho Rios.

Take a ride and enjoy the views!

Take a ride and enjoy the views!

The Chukka Caribbean Adventure’s ATV Safari

The Chukka ATV Safari is a thrilling adventure on top of a powerful ATV. You will be driving your ATV through untouched, rugged dirt terrains of a former colonial estate, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and local communities. It is one of the most scenic ATV tours you will find anywhere, and you can release your wild side and just have fun in the moment. You will also get a chance to zip-line, ride a horse and swim in a cove! The tour is located approximately fifteen minutes outside of Ocho Rios, and the duration is two hours.

They have the best activites for every adventurer!

They have the best activities for every adventurer!

Dolphin Cove

Dolphin Cove is one of Jamaica’s most alluring natural sanctuaries. Visitors get the opportunity to touch or swim with one of the nature’s most friendly and beautiful creatures – dolphins in its natural habitat. In addition to the dolphins, there are also stingrays and other beautiful creatures in the sanctuary adding to the aura of the attraction. Dolphin Cove also offers an entertaining shark show, top-notch souvenir shops, a stunning Jungle Trail at the Ocho Rios location, knowledgeable tour guides that will teach you interesting things about the history of Jamaica and top-quality entertainment. A trip to Dolphin Cove is something to consider when next you are in Jamaica. Dolphin Cove has locations in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Negril.

Who doesn't love dolphins?

Aww, that’s love!

Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls is probably the most popular attraction in Jamaica. It is an idyllic waterfall etched in Jamaica’s history. It is believed to be the site of the battle between the Spanish and English for the possession of Jamaica in 1657. What makes Dunn’s River Falls unique is that it flows directly into the sea and that it constantly regenerates itself from deposits of travertine rocks that are produced by calcium carbonate condensation from the river as it flows over the fall. The fall is 600 feet in length, and the most exciting thing to do is to try and climb the falls all the way to the top! You will have experienced guides to assist you with this most exhilarating experience. It is said that you have not experienced Jamaica until you visit Dunn’s River Falls, so go ahead and schedule a trip to the falls on your next trip to Jamaica.

Take a quick swim!

Famous Dunn’s River Falls

Green Grotto Caves

The Green Grotto Caves is one of the less known treasures in Jamaica. It is a huge limestone cave with unique rock formations, including stalagmites and stalactites and there is also a lake at the bottom of the cave which is connected to the Caribbean Sea. The cave is also home to nine of the twenty-one species of bats in Jamaica and is said to have been used by the Spanish as a hideout spot when the British invaded Jamaica in the 17th century. The Green Grotto Caves offer guided tours that will teach you about the historic cave, while you see first-hand the unique features of the cave. This attraction is in Discovery Bay in the parish of St. Ann, which is approximately forty minutes away from Montego Bay and thirty-five minutes away from Ocho Rios.

Great views with history!

Great views with history!


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