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Posted on 4/24/20


In this episode we’ll talk about:

  1. Why you should not crowdsource hotel suggestions
  2. Our own formula for picking the right hotel for your next trip
  3. Tips for choosing a hotel in Europe, especially if you are traveling with kids
  4. How to differentiate between apart-hotels, beds and breakfasts, castle hotels, AirBnB and agriturismo farm stays

Selecting the right hotel is both an art and a science that I’ve perfected over the years. When online hotel reviews become overwhelming and your list of hotel options keeps growing, I can work with you to narrow it down to the top 3 properties that I think would be the best fit. I will work with you to adjust and refine your hotel selections until you’re satisfied with the perfect balance of location and price that fit your needs for each trip. You can’t crowdsource that.


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