Best Tips for Traveling to Europe With or Without Kids

The Best Tips For Traveling To Europe With Kids (and Without)

There are so many of you who dream of visiting Europe, but as soon as you start growing your family, those dreams get pushed aside and replaced with excuses that turn Europe from an alluring desire to a stressful disaster. I understand this feeling because I felt the same way, but I knew I couldn’t[…]

5 Best Restaurants in Greece

The Best 5 Restaurants in Greece

With the popularity of epicurean journeys on the rise, folks are more commonly opting for an extended layover in a different European City just to sample another local cuisine, restaurant, food truck, chef’s tasting, or food tour. Greece is understandably high on the list of must-visit foodie destinations. It’s a country rich in history, varied[…]

Top 3 Can’t Miss Winter Festivals in Europe

Winter vacation ideas – the best winter festivals in Europe: Grindlewald, Switzerland, World Snow Festival, Venice, Italy – Venice Carnival and Dublin, Ireland – St. Patrick’s Festival