Published on March 2, 2019 / Updated on Dec 25, 2020

Croatia is one of the most unbelievable yet under-appreciated places in Europe. It has stunning beauty but is still untainted by tourists. Croatia is perfectly located right in between Eastern and Western Europe making it a perfect destination for those who wish to connect multiple countries in one trip — and who doesn’t want to do that when going to Europe? We know you want to make the most of your European travel experience, so we highly recommend that you consider Croatia as your travel hub for your next European vacation.

Whether you are doing self-drive or private transfers, Croatia is a very convenient connection point. When planning your 2021 travels, include one of the following top five destinations into your itinerary to create an overall amazing summer vacation! Better yet, let our five-star rated travel agency do the custom travel planning for you!

Here’s a glimpse of what we would recommend…

1. Venice, Rome, and Italy

One of the most popular travel destinations is Venice! We suggest to use Venice as a fly in or fly out destination because it can easily connect with the Istrian region of Croatia via a ferry that only takes about three hours. Also, Split and Dubrovnik airports have direct flights to Rome so it is very easy to connect these two destinations as well. Italy is a place you must explore if you can!

A couple taking a gondola ride on the waters of Venice along with other boats running under a nearby bridge.

A couple enjoying a gondola ride in Venice

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2. Greece

Croatia and Greece are one of the most popular combinations, making Croatia the perfect travel hub for your next European vacation! Since 2019, direct flights go from Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split and have been making these two destinations easily connectable. For those people who have ten or more days to spend on their vacation, Athens is just one direct flight away and absolutely worth the visit!

A family admiring the view from their pool looking out into the town.

Admiring the view of Greece!

3. Slovenia

Croatia’s closest neighbor, Slovenia, is also growing as a tourist destination. Ljubljana and Lake Bled are the most visited sights and are reached easily from the Istrian region in Croatia or the capital city of Zagreb as a day tour or multi-day arrangement. Slovenia is one of the most hidden gems of Europe that you want to make sure not to miss!

A birds-eye view of the mountains and waters of Croatia with a lighthouse on an island in the center of the water.

A birds-eye view of the waters of Lake Bled, Slovenia

4. Montenegro

Montenegro is very close to the famous Dubrovnik and makes it yet another destination to be easily combined with Croatia. It can either be a place to visit on a day trip from Dubrovnik, as a way to visit Budva and Kotor, or a multi-day trip to see Cetinje, NP Skadar Lake, and many other off-the-beaten-path destinations. Montenegro is well-worth visiting for a couple of days and offers great value to travelers!

A birds-eye view of the beautiful coast of Croatia with houses along the side of a mountain on the edge of the Adriatic Sea

A birds-eye view of the beautiful coast of Montenegro

5. Albania

Who would think of Albania!? Well, we do! You would be surprised at how many people showed interest in this gorgeous, yet not discovered by many tourists, destination. Albania hosts ancient cities, tasty local food, and numerous sandy beaches! This is definitely an up and coming destination that we will see much more in the near future. If you are adventurous and want to be one of the first ones somewhere – this is a place to go!

A bird's eye view of a red boat next to a boat dock at a Beach in Albania

A beach in Albania

Now that you have a rundown of the best places to visit from Croatia, let us help you start planning your trip!

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